Real Results From LumaRx
“My legs are completely hair free as are my under arms. My bikini area is almost done. The real test was being on summer vacation and forgetting my razor. No problem. No growth. Definitely works. Definitely worth the price. Definitely happy."*

“I was hesitant to order as there were no reviews describing the results on the bikini area. Let me be the first to say ladies......stop wasting your money on waxing! This product will give you the same results, and permanent results for the cost of less than 6-8 months of waxing! I was amazed at the results after just the second treatment. After three treatments I am extremely’s on to my underarms next! This is a must buy ladies!"*

“I bought this a few months ago, so happy I did. I hate shaving and this is a great alternative…”*

“Love my LumaRX..!! I bought this for my underarms because I get razor burn every time I shave. I have done 3 treatments and about to do my 4th. I also tried it on my bikini area and its about 80% hair free. The hair that does grow back, grows in very slow…”* 

“I can't say enough good things about this device. I have been using it for 2 months on my underarms, arms, legs and toes… All I can say is try won't regret it. I only wish I had known about this years ago. I could have saved so much money on expensive razors and not have to shave to be seen in public with shorts or capris. The money back guarantee is a plus, but I surely wouldn't send this back. I love it!"* 

“Wonderful at home hair removal device. Just after one session, noticed great results with about a 30-40% reduction in hair growth. Will absolutely continue use and highly recommend it to anyone seeking alternatives to more costly professional treatments.”*